5 Tips For Designing A Winning Direct Mail Envelope

5 Tips For Designing A Winning Direct Mail Envelope

Direct mail is one of the most effective tools for attracting new customers to your business. By directly targeting customers and prospects by post you can dictate how and when your brand gets noticed – one of the key reasons why direct mail can be more effective than email in some circumstances.

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Direct mail campaigns, however, are only as good as the envelopes that you send so to ensure your next campaign attracts the attention of new customers and delivers a fantastic ROI, consider the following tips:

1) Be Creative With Full Colour Overprinting

When designing your direct mail envelope, it’s important to get inside the mind of the recipient. Plain white or manilla envelopes are more likely to be cast aside as they tend to imply formality. Worse still, they may be particularly unwelcome, as plain envelopes are the standard vehicle for bills and tax demands.

Adding solid colour or a high-quality picture instantly grabs your target audience’s attention. A well-chosen image stimulates curiosity, increasing the chance of it being opened first. Carefully selected colours reinforce your brand’s mission statement; and overprinted envelopes project a strong air of professionalism.

2) Get Personal

The benefits of personalised marketing are well-established but in a direct mail campaign, you can’t take advantage of digital advances, such as cookies which shape email and online advertising. Instead, personalised envelopes that are tightly tied to the recipient’s demographic profile help to convey a specific message, increasing the relevance of the mail to each customer, and boosting your ROI.

Like all forms of marketing, you’re aiming to create anticipation and curiosity, stimulating a strong emotional connection with your recipients in order to increase your open and response rate. Personalised direct mail will help you to achieve this.

3) Make Sure Words Speak Clearly

An attention-grabbing image on your envelopes can be a fantastic way to increase your audience’s interest but it’s important that the picture and colours don’t obscure the legibility of any overlaid text. Keep the message brief and relevant and ensure that it’s easy-to-read if overprinted onto an eye-catching image.

4) Tease The Recipient

Even with the most well-designed envelope, you still need your recipients to physically open them to find out what’s inside. Offering an incentive greatly increases the chance of this. There are several ways to do this, from using an envelope with a window to provide a glimpse of the contents, to printing an unmissable discount on the front (‘10% off when you open this!’).

5) Be Modest

Think carefully about what will attract people to your brand. Is it the message you’re trying to convey or your business name and logo? If you’re drumming up new customers, there’s a strong chance they won’t know who you are or what your business stands for – yet. Therefore, while it’s important to include your brand name and logo, don’t let these dominate your envelope.

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At Eagle Envelopes, we can supply professional overprinted envelopes in a range of sizes and styles for your next direct mail campaign. For more information or to tell us about your business’s needs, simply get in touch on 01922 613888.

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Image source: Unsplash