Overprinting Vs Plain Mail: Making The Right Choice For Your Campaign

Overprinting Vs Plain Mail: Making The Right Choice For Your Campaign
Despite the huge role the Internet plays in the way people do business in 2020, postal mail still has pivotal importance in many sectors. In the financial year 2018/2019, the Royal Mail delivered 10.3 billion letters, a lot of these being business correspondence. Why has postal mail retained its popularity deep into the digital age? Perhaps this is because, for charity direct mail, mail order businesses, utility providers, print and office stationery suppliers – among many others – it continues to deliver an excellent return on investment.

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The question for us in this article is: are letters sent in plain envelopes or in envelopes overprinted with branding, custom colours and campaign messages the better choice for your business?

Overprinted Envelopes – The Advantages

An overprinted envelope is a stock product which is printed with a personalised design, colour scheme, logo, message and images. They can be as simple as a standard sized envelope bearing a company logo and address, to the elaborate printed designs frequently used in mailing campaigns. In an age where personalisation plays an essential role in marketing, overprinted envelopes can give a brand a crucial advantage over one which uses plain envelopes – with an increased chance of the letter being opened on the doorstep. But what are the advantages of choosing overprinted mail over regular, plain mail?


  • More eye-catching – overprinted envelopes are more likely to be opened and read than plain, or black and white envelopes.
  • Overprinted envelopes can include a summarised version of the letter’s content. People know who the letter is from, creating a level of expectation and anticipation over the contents before they open their mail – leading to an increased response rate.
  • We process visual images quicker than written word which means the inclusion of colour and visual imagery makes important information easier to absorb and remember.
  • Core marketing and branding messages can be conveyed from the envelope before the letter is even opened, strengthening your content. They are also a great way to grab the receiver’s attention and further compel them to open the envelope and see what is inside.

So, whilst overprinted envelopes have added design considerations, and a higher cost per unit, this is money well spent if you can achieve a greater return on investment from your direct mail campaigns.

Next Steps

We are Eagle Envelopes – an envelope overprinting specialist based in Walsall ideally positioned to distribute nationally. We can apply custom designs, branding and important postal indicia to a wide range of stock envelope products, including campaign messages, slogans, web addresses etc. Our overprinting service is fast, flexible and reliable, with print runs available from as little as 1000 envelopes or more for larger campaigns. To request a free quote please click here, or call 01922 613888 for more information.

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