What Is Envelope Overprinting & How Can It Benefit Your Brand?

What Is Envelope Overprinting & How Can It Benefit Your Brand?
Envelope overprinting is an important branding tool for many businesses. A design is created to fit a specific envelope size, including slogans, images, colours, patterns and other messages. The design is then overprinted onto finished stock envelopes using a lithographic printing press for the highest quality production. Some presses can accommodate up to 4 colour designs, giving extensive scope for personalisation and customisation.

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Overprinted envelopes are frequently used by all sorts of businesses when sending tangible business communications to their customers and prospects for both routine correspondence and promotional mail, from mail order brochures to charity appeals.

Overprinting your envelopes adds value to your communication and although there is the additional cost of print to add to the plain envelope cost, careful and thoughtful designs do offer an attractive return on investment, even if they are as simple as your business logo, so what advantages can overprinting bring to yours or your client’s mail? On top of an enhanced brand image, your company will appear more secure and professional, and the recipient will feel more valued due to receiving personalised mail, an increasingly rare find these days.

Let us explore these benefits and a few others in more detail…

1. Enhanced branding

Whether your mail is intended for a Business to Customer or a Business to Business audience, when it arrives it will be competing with several other organisations for the recipient’s attention. With the volume of promotional mail sent by post remaining high, overprinted envelopes stand a better chance of being noticed and opened, enhancing your branding and helping you stand out from your competitors. Research shows co-ordinated digital and physical mail work well together to enhance opening and response rates.

2. Improved Company Image

Overprinted envelopes look and feel professional. They create an impression of an established business with a dependable reputation and encourage intrinsic confidence in the company’s ability to deliver their services. This ‘postal psychology’ improves your company image and potentially increases the response rate.

3. Personalisation

Envelope overprinting enables a high degree of personalisation, which makes each recipient feel more valued, unique, and important. This increases the chance of the letter being opened and encourages the recipient to be increasingly receptive to brand messages and appeals.

4. Promotional tool

Overprinted envelopes are themselves a marketing tool, capable of holding brand messages, content teasers for the letter inside and could even include promotional QR codes to link the campaign digitally.

5. Cost Effective

Overprinted envelopes are a cost-effective means of promotion. Although there is an additional cost for printing, the printing costs decrease per unit as volume increases. The added benefits of printed envelopes offer an attractive return on investment and therefore out-weigh the cost of overprinting, which is usually more than covered by the increased response that comes from their promotional value.

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