Why Do So Many Businesses Still Use Print Advertising?


Print advertising has been the mainstay of direct marketing since the 1870s and, despite the growth of digital platforms during the last two decades, continues to be a popular and effective choice for businesses seeking to attract new customers. Despite the popularity of email and social media in the digital age, print advertising still has a prominent place in marketing, increasing brand awareness and generating a reliable return on investment. In other words, print advertising works.

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Why Use Print Advertising?

So, what is it about print advertising that makes it so successful?

Print Is Engaging

Consumer engagement is the crux of any successful marketing campaign. The more your advertising appeals to your target customer base, the more likely it will lead to enquiries or sales because it’s memorable and engaging. While most people are accustomed to reading online, there’s still something delightfully traditional and appealing about printed media, and it’s hard to dissuade many to change their habits. In a study conducted by research gurus Nielsen, more than half of shoppers said they referenced or remembered direct mail or printed adverts when making purchasing decisions, compared to email marketing (37%) and business websites (27%). Reading printed advertising is a multi-sensory experience, with comprehension and memory enhanced by the touch and smell of the paper.

Print Isn’t Gone In Seconds

Unless it comes with advice that ‘This message will self-destruct in five seconds’, print advertising is designed to stick around. Unlike the fast-paced world of social media, where marketing promotions are rapidly pushed down the newsfeed by other messages, printed media hangs around for as long as it is needed. Where direct mail is concerned, for instance, adverts are often retained in prominent places around the home, such as the front of the fridge, noticeboard or table, for later reference. Longevity is one of the key benefits of print advertising, helping secure its importance for many business sectors.

Digital And Print Advertising Can Go Hand-In-Hand

Print advertising and digital marketing need not be independent strategies. Tangible marketing is highly effective when supporting an online campaign, as each approach will potentially reach very different types of consumers. Businesses that combine printed marketing, such as direct mail, with online campaigns, can reach a larger customer base and engage with them in more ways – with each content channel supporting and enhancing the other.

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