All The Pros Of Direct Mail Marketing

If you’re considering a direct mail marketing campaign to give your brand increased visibility and presence, you may be hesitant if you’re not certain the investment will yield positive results. In the era of digital marketing, there may be an understandable tendency to lean towards other channels, such as email, social media, or pay-per-click advertising.

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However, direct mail still boasts many advantages, offering greater visibility, better response rates, and innovative design opportunities. Here are the main reasons that direct mail marketing is a valuable strategy that should be at the heart of any advertising campaign.

Direct Mail Is Trustworthy

Forget the idea that most recipients regard direct mail marketing as ‘junk mail’. In recent years, it is digital marketing that has become more widely associated with scams and saturation, leading to more than half of the respondents in the Royal Mail’s MarketReach study to say they didn’t trust email advertising. By contrast, 87% of respondents said they believe direct mail to be trustworthy.

Direct Mail Yields High Responses

Contrary to popular opinion, most direct mail letters do not go straight into the recycling bin. Even with the growth of digital channels, direct mail continues to generate impressive response rates of up to 9%, with personalisation a key factor in its ongoing success. In comparison, email click-through rates often fail to achieve even 1%. The reason? It’s far easier to click and delete an email without reading it, whereas direct mail will almost always be opened, increasing the likelihood of sales leads.

Direct Mail Is Tangible

Many people enjoy receiving mail, particularly if it’s from an unfamiliar brand who offers a new product or service. Unlike email, direct mail is tangible and, due to its physical nature, can be put in a prominent position within the home or business so it isn’t forgotten. Its tangibility also makes it perfect for account-based marketing to existing customers, where increasing the human connection is vital to achieving more responses and greater customer value.

Direct Mail Achieves Superior Household Reach

On average, direct mail marketing is retained for 17 days in households and shared with other members of the household in nearly one-quarter of all instances. This means that it has the capability to reach more people over a longer timeframe than digital marketing, increasing the chances of securing valuable sales leads. It may be some weeks or even months before direct mail generates an enquiry with your business, which confirms the long-term benefits in making direct mail the centre of your marketing campaign.

Direct Mail Can Be Personalised

Unlike emails, which tend to arrive with dozens of identical-looking ones in an inbox, promotions folder, or (even worse) the spam box, direct mail can be as relevant to your target audience as you wish. Personalisation lets you target consumers by demographics, spending habits, or their previous association with your business, making this approach attractive and more likely to secure responses.

Next Steps

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