How To Generate More Leads Using Direct Mail


Direct mail continues to be a highly effective and cost-efficient marketing tool for many businesses. Even if you’ve switched predominantly to online channels, it’s worth considering how direct mail can strengthen your position by bringing in a steady stream of qualified marketing leads.

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Statistics support the lead generation potential of direct mail, with research by Royal Mail revealing that:

  • After receiving direct mail, 92% of recipients look online to find out more and 87% are influenced to make a purchase.
  • 80% of people recall direct mail a week after receiving it.
  • 75% of small businesses agree that direct mail delivers a good ROI.

How To Generate More Direct Mail Leads

The bottom line is that direct mail works, especially in combination with online marketing, and it’s here to stay, but how can you generate more leads and more responses from your marketing campaigns?

Personalise Your Envelopes

In the same way that a personal letter would be addressed to a specific recipient, direct mail envelopes can be personalised to appeal directly to your target consumers. Rather than sending a single version of your marketing literature to a broad sweep of people, demographic data can help you segment your audience, so that personalised messages, calls-to-action, and offers can be targeted to increase the likelihood of sales leads. With nearly 80% of people indicating that they only interact with personalised content, it makes sense to start the process with an overprinted envelope.

Make Your Marketing Irresistible

Irresistible marketing isn’t just about attractive percentage discounts or free gifts for first-time customers. To make direct mail irresistible;

1) Make the benefits clear. Consumers will always want to know what’s in it for them, so explain how your product or service will make a difference.

2) Offer proof. Consumers are more likely to agree to part with their cash if they can see tangible evidence that they’ll benefit in the long-term, so include testimonials, statistics, or case studies in your marketing.

3) Use emotional appeal. Most purchases are made through necessity or a deep desire. Tap into the customer’s emotions and you’ll be more likely to achieve a sale.

4) Offer a guarantee. A free consultation or a money-back guarantee helps establish confidence in your brand and cement the relationship with the customer from the outset.

Make Clear What You Want The Customer To Do

A clear message and an unambiguous call-to-action (CTA) are essential ingredients in a direct mail campaign. As well as offering customers a valid reason why your product or service is unmissable, you need to explain what they need to do next to take advantage of the offer. A CTA will help convince prospects that taking certain actions (telephoning your business or visiting your website with a promo code, for example) will be beneficial. How do you encourage them to read the CTA? Write a compelling headline. 90% of recipients who read your headline will also read the CTA.

Use pURLs For Personalised CTAs

Successful marketing makes clear the relevance of a product or service to the customer, so personalising the CTA with a pURL (a personalised URL) redefines the relationship between the brand and consumer, increasing the likelihood of a profitable sales lead. A personalised URL includes the name or business name of the recipient who you are targeting, for example By including this in your direct mail letter, you are making your brand more about the customer, while you can also monitor which recipients follow up your mailshot.

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