Why Personalised Envelopes Are Important For Marketing

Direct mail is an important asset in your business’s marketing toolbox, an effective way of engaging with those prospects who offer the greatest opportunity to secure new sales. Printed, branded envelopes can add even more weight to your postal campaign, increasing the chance of making an impact on the recipient and forging a positive relationship between them and your brand.

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Whether you opt for a simple company branded envelope that features your business’ logo, or an eye-catching overprinted design that makes the envelope stand out from the crowd, cost-effective personalised envelopes can make a difference to the success of your direct marketing strategy.

First Impressions That Matter

Like the front cover of an award-winning novel in a bookshop, a printed envelope can shape the recipient’s opinions even before they open it. Uninteresting, unprinted envelopes, often in beige or white, tend not to attract engagement or responses from recipients, perhaps because they frequently contain bills or other uninspiring missives. The philosophy that underpins printed envelopes is capturing the recipient’s imagination immediately, increasing the chance that they’ll open the envelope to investigate the contents. This can be achieved with a full colour overprinted envelope, featuring attractive or thought-provoking images, or a persuasive tagline that invites the recipient to look inside. When the envelope is opened, you’re through the door and on your way to capturing attention.

Professionalism Yields Results

Consumers like professionalism, so much so that they’re more likely to order from a reputable brand than one that gives a bad account of itself. A printed, personalised envelope conveys a professional image from the outset, so that the moment the recipient picks it up they are forming positive associations with the brand in their mind. Rather than just being a useful receptacle in which to send a letter or flyer, the overprinted envelope becomes an integral part of the marketing campaign, so it is important not to overlook its importance. It doesn’t matter how attractive or enticing the contents are if the envelope is poorly designed, uninteresting to look at, or if the print quality is sub-standard.

Personalisation Makes Printed Envelopes Relevant

A successful marketing campaign enables your target customer to understand how your product or service is relevant to them. Savvy consumers, who watch how they spend their money, will always ask the critical question before splashing out: “What’s in it for me?” Therefore, printed envelopes can help shape the recipient’s awareness of your brand even before they open it. High-quality printed images, your business logo, a persuasive strapline, and careful choice of colours can make your direct mail more appealing, more relevant, and more effective. You can even personalise envelopes according to the demographics of your target audience, ensuring that your products or service are relevant to people from every walk of life.

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