6 Branded Envelope Design Tips

Whether you’re new to branded overprinted envelopes, or you’ve been using them for a while, there are always new things to learn. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that your mailshots make an impact with their target audience, to maximise open rate, response rate, and revenue.

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1. Make Good Use Of Available Space

Think about how you use the space of the envelope. If you’ve chosen an envelope with an address window, can you incorporate it into the design, or build a design around it? A creative, personalised envelope will really stand out from the crowd.

2. Make Sure Your Logo Is Visible

Depending on the nature of your business – and whether the letter is a routine or marketing communication – you may or may not want to go for a wild, unique design. Charities and utilities are known for their use of bold designs in direct mail – a strategy that brings them results. In other sectors, prospects respond better to understated designs, so the impression is not given that money is ‘wasted’ on envelopes. Do your market research carefully before commissioning an overprinted envelope design. However, all companies should have their logo in a prominent place on the branded envelope, even if this is a simplified, black and white version. This ensures customers can see clearly who the mail is from. Your envelope should help you develop brand recognition.

3. Choose The Right Size

A company like Eagle Envelopes has a huge number of sizes and types of envelope available. This allows you to stand out from your competitors, optimise your postage costs, and sustain the appropriate budget for different types of communication. Not every communication needs to feature a bells-and-whistles design, but it should be of the appropriate size and material for its purpose.

4. Mix It Up

If you’re running a large campaign, why use the same envelope design for everyone? Use different overprinted envelopes with a variety of images for different database segments, then monitor the results to see what works best. This is especially true if you’re trying to target customers from different demographics, or you’re working on a long-running campaign that will see its focus change over time.

To make the most of split print runs and segmentation, use a company like Eagle Envelopes which has the capacity to do short runs of overprinted envelopes. This allows you to experiment with different images and styles.

5. Put Contact Information On The Outside

When you put your contact information on the outside of the envelope, customers can connect without even reading your mail out. Your phone number, website, email address, campaign landing page, and Facebook page are a great starting point.

The appropriate brand messages and contact information is essential to envelope design if you’re running an integrated campaign involving postal direct mail, social media and digital marketing channels (e.g. email marketing, pay per click advertising, SEO). Just make sure your brand voice remains the same across the board.

6. Continue The Theme Inside The Mail

The outside of your envelope should match the content inside. Think about your images; are you using the same colours? Do you have any connecting pictures that bring the outside and inside together? Look at the tone of your mail out, too. An eccentric, fun design with very serious written content is jarring and dilutes the impact and credibility of your brand. You’ll want a clear line running throughout the mail out; this helps establish your brand in the eyes of your customers, and gives you a clear voice.

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