Cleaned And Sealed – Cutlery Envelopes

The hospitality and catering sectors are doing everything possible to make the dining experience safe. Keeping sanitized cutlery clean and safe is one more thing to add to the measures being taken.

Mayer-Kuvert-network, represented in the UK by Eagle Envelopes and Heritage Envelopes, is proud to present ‘Cleaned & Sealed’ cutlery envelopes, specially designed and produced from PaperGard antimicrobial paper. This means the paper actively works against microbes such as bacteria and viruses keeping cutlery, which is placed inside, clean and free from contamination between dishwasher and the table. Reassuring each diner that their sanitized cutlery has not been touched or compromised until opened at the table is so important.

The envelopes are easily sealed and feature a perforated ‘Tear Here’ strip which, when opened is placed inside the envelope along with used cutlery at the end of each course, helping serving staff to avoid touching used cutlery.

Used envelopes are easily disposed of for recycling and are fully biodegradable.

The ‘Cleaned & Sealed’ envelopes can be customized with print, such as venue logo and address for additional personalisation.

Preparing for customers to return to hospitality, catering venues and eateries has never been more important. To find out more, contact your envelope supplier today.