3 Business Mail Ideas To Get You More Conversions

3 Business Mail Ideas To Get You More Conversions

Before we became adults, we looked forward to the postman arriving. Receiving a letter or postcard, personally addressed, is a big deal for most children but as we reach adulthood, the post tends to become dominated by bills, adverts, and bank statements. For promotional business mail to be effective, it needs to summon the same sense of excitement and curiosity that we used to experience as children to provoke a response. If it doesn’t, then the mailshot will end up in the bin and you’ll hear nothing from your target customers. So, to get a head start with your direct mail marketing, why not consider these innovative ideas to help your brand to stand out from the crowd?

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1) Bespoke Overprinted Envelopes That Catch The Eye

There’s nothing blander than a plain white or manilla envelope, devoid of colour, logos or print. If you’re targeting another business in your campaign, it’s likely that an uninspiring envelope will disappear among the competition. If your recipient is a residential householder, they may assume the envelope is from the tax office or the Council and put off opening it.

A custom overprinted envelope has no limits to its creativity and impact. You can choose the colour or image to be printed, add your brand’s logo and name or print carefully chosen wording that encourages the recipient to look inside. You can personalise the printing to appeal to a particular demographic. Alternatively, you can select a larger envelope, one with a window, or even packaging to increase the interest in your mail and stimulate curiosity about the contents. The options are endless and with customisation you can make the envelope as much part of your marketing strategy as what’s inside.

2) Target Former Customers With Promotions

Unlike new customers, former or lapsed customers will already be familiar with your brand, products, or services. Customised direct mailing comes into its own in reaching this group, as you can target them with offers and promotions that will tempt them back to your business and maybe address reasons which led them to lapse. The lifetime value of customers is vital to your business’s long-term profitability so, why not use direct mail strategically to build on your existing relationships?

3) Reward New Customers For Their Business

New custom is beneficial to your brand, but loyalty and repeat business is the driver for long-term success. After your initial mail campaign has generated new leads that have resulted in sales, reward your new customers with a simple thank you postcard or letter. Not only will you demonstrate how the relationship extends beyond the completion of their first transaction, but you’ll also keep your brand uppermost in the minds of your customers. This is also a great way to offer personalised offers to encourage further business.

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