6 Branded Envelope Design Tips

Posted by jdrgroup on 28th September 2020

Whether you’re new to branded overprinted envelopes, or you’ve been using them for a while, there are always new things to learn. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that your mailshots make an impact with their target audience, to maximise open rate, response rate, and revenue. Get An Overprint Quote  1. Make […]

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What To Look For In An Envelope Overprinting Service

Posted by jdrgroup on 18th September 2020

Now more than ever, physical mail – whether for marketing or communication purposes – needs to stand out to attract people’s attention. Overprinted envelopes are a great way to catch the eye, get brand recognition, and ensure that your mailing gets noticed by your target market. Before you start investing in overprinted envelopes, though, make […]

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What Is Envelope Overprinting & How Can It Benefit Your Brand?

Posted by jdrgroup on 25th August 2020

Envelope overprinting is an important branding tool for many businesses. A design is created to fit a specific envelope size, including slogans, images, colours, patterns and other messages. The design is then overprinted onto finished stock envelopes using a lithographic printing press for the highest quality production. Some presses can accommodate up to 4 colour […]

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Overprinting Vs Plain Mail: Making The Right Choice For Your Campaign

Posted by jdrgroup on 18th August 2020

Despite the huge role the Internet plays in the way people do business in 2020, postal mail still has pivotal importance in many sectors. In the financial year 2018/2019, the Royal Mail delivered 10.3 billion letters, a lot of these being business correspondence. Why has postal mail retained its popularity deep into the digital age? […]

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